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Reflections Of Beauty

What is beauty? Is it the young innocent girl dashing through the fields without a care in the world? Spinning through life like a  ballerina off to her first ballet recital? Is it the teenage young woman who while she thinks she has life all figured out, still has so much to learn. Is it the young woman who is getting dressed up for her first prom date while still trying to figure out which college she's going to attend. Is it the mom, who while she works tirelessly 24 hour days to please her children,  still manages to get up and dressed in the morning and head off to a "professional" job?

You see, our culture has its own definition of beauty. Too much  flappy skin, too much fat, not enough curves, crooked teeth,  wrong color hair. These are the lies that our media world tells us. Once we begin to believe the reflection that we "should" be seeing, that,... that is when our beauty is taken away. We begin to transform, whether knowingly or unknowingly, into what are World perceives as beautiful. We lose all sense of ourselves, our unique features, the stuff that makes us...... US.  once our image starts to change, that is when our personality starts to change. We start to surround ourselves with the people who "fit" in, we start to talk differently. The eventually become the "image".

You see I believe, that true beauty, can only come from within.  I don't think "Beauty" can only be defined as a blonde haired blue-eyed princess. I believe that true beauty is the beauty shown when you help another human being with a hand up. I believe that true beauty is the mom cooking dinner in her nightgown, because that's the only thing that she truly fits into comfortably. I believe beauty is the mom who's on the beach, in her swimsuit with her stretch marks showing, while her kids laugh and play.

I believe Beauty is the teenage girl in her last year of high school who, while she still has her whole future to figure out, still manages to find time to sit with the kid who doesn't "fit" in at lunch. True beauty is the little girl who runs into her daddy's arms, after he's had a long day at work. And I believe it all starts here.  When a girl is Young. So I'll say it again. I believe Beauty is the young innocent girl spinning through life without a care in the world.

Don't change. Whether you're 5 or 45, you're beautiful just the way you are. Don't let our world take your beauty away from you. Don't ever lose that sparkle in your eye. Don't let anybody else tell you the definition of beauty. Sing.  Sing your heart out. And not just in the shower.  Be yourself. Be kind, be loving, lend a helping hand.  Don't be afraid to let your true colors shine through. When you show that kind of beauty, that is when the world will see what a true reflection of beauty looks like.

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