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Tips for Photographing Newborns

"I've finally got the baby.  What else do I need to be

prepared for our picture day?"

1.  Relax!  You have just done a great deal of work.  Not only your recent event of making another human being come out of your stomach, but the 9 months leading up to the big event!  It is typically best to take newborn photos within the first 5 days, 10 days max.  The earlier you do them, the more sleepy the newborn is and the easier it is to get dreamy pictures!  So, you've got a little bit of time.

2. Gather a few heirloom items that you would want in the picture with baby.  Most popular examples are hospital cap, booties, hospital bracelet, special blanket, letter from grandma, special outfit etc.

3.  For Lifestyle Sessions, have an uncluttered area in the nursery that we can shoot in.  I typically like to use baby's crib, and/or photos on mom and dad's bed.  

4.  Open up curtains and blinds, to have as much natural light coming into the area we will be shooting in.

5.  Being an on-location photographer, I typically bring any necessary lighting equipment.   But if you want a studio session, I have a ton more props in my home studio and capture some of my best images there!

6.  Feed your baby before your session.  We want sleepy milk-drunk babies!  If your baby wakes up during the session, feel free to take a minute and feed them some more!

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