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Clothing Choices for Family Photoshoot

Struggling to decide what to wear on your big photo day?  While I'm no fashion expert, I definitely
have a few suggestions that will help you shine on camera!

1. Wear solid color clothing.  Clothing with print is very distracting to the camera and pulls the attention away from your beautiful face!

2. Don't wear logos unless you are a model who is advertising for the company.  You don't want to look back in 20 years and see a big logo on your ball cap.

3. Stay away from pure white, pure black or bright red.  You want glowing pictures, but white is going to make you overly exposed.  Black has no contrast and while it may make you look slimmer, it will blend in with your backgrounds.  Red will pull out all the red in your face.  So unless you want to look like Rudolph, avoid it haha.

4. Remove unappealing accessories.  This includes fancy looking watches, sunglasses, belts, etc...  They will distract from your face and the viewers eyes will go straight to it. Trust me, your local family photographer.  You'll thank me later.

family photo clothing choices

5. Choose complimenting colors to match your family rather than having the exact same shade of a particular color.  You want your family pictures to show unity but without looking like a sports team!

6. Tight fitting clothing will look better than loose fitting clothing which will make you look heavier.  

7.  Shoes!  Don't show up in your sneakers if that's not the look you're going for. 

8.  Most importantly, set your clothes out the night before.  There is nothing worse than having a scheduled photo shoot and opening up your closet the day of and realizing you have nothing to wear.  Remember, you want to look your best!  It's OK to grant yourself a shopping trip for family photos.

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